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Say hello to your dedicated Travel Expert.

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I prefer the traditional travel agent offering. Assign me a Travel Expert & give me the support I need. I'm happy to pay my service fees per transaction.

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Own it

My business has a large volume of travel and I need a Travel Expert dedicated to our travel needs only. A custom monthly service fee works best for me.

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Give me an online booking tool, I have the time to do it myself. Sure, I'll need support from time to time but for the most part leave it to me.

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We’ll help you with a full needs analysis and discuss the findings, guiding you every step of the way to ensure you’re getting the package that is best suited to you.

Travel Group - Tailor Made Service

Tailor Made Service

Your very own Travel Expert, dedicated to you. Someone matched to your needs. We learn about your business and get to know your people, ensuring that your requirements are met all the time.

Travel Group - Consistant Service Experience

Consistant Service Experience

A backup expert for times when your travel expert is out of reach or to help out during high demand periods. A Robin to your Batman, we have you covered.

Travel Group - Always There For You

Always there for you

We are open 24/7 every day of the year. Yes, we're always open because travel never sleeps. Contact us via phone, email, WhatsApp or Skype - choose what works for you.

Travel Group - Response Time - You Tell Us

Response Time - You Tell Us

Immediate acknowledgement of email receipt. Phone always answered. Turn around time - you tell us.

Travel Group - Service Safe Guard

Service Safe Guard

Travel review meeting every 2 – 6 months depending on client request. We hold ourselves accountable, If you are not happy with our service, you don't pay for it.

Travel Group - We Know You

We Know You

Detailed traveller & company profiles saved on our booking system, auto loaded onto all your bookings. Your Travel Policy loaded onto our booking system & enforced at all times.

Travel Group - Number Crunching

Number Crunching

Invoices auto emailed daily, unless otherwise requested. Flexible payment options available.

Travel Group - Reporting and Advice

Reporting & Advice

Detailed reports with key findings & supporting advice to help improve your travel.

Travel Group - Real Transparency

Real Transparency

We pass on all our special negotiated discounts to you. Supplier invoices are available for your review. 

Travel Group - Delivering The Best Value

Delivering The Best Value

Our highly discounted rates & professional advice guarantee you savings.

Travel Group - Service Samurais

Service Samurais

We headhunt industry experts who undergo extensive internal training. You will not find a better travel partner than us.
Put us to the test. 

Travel Group - Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Why not consolidate your EMEA travel to gain access to better deals? We're well equipped to help you with this. Our offices are strategically placed & our experience is unparalleled.

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"Gone the extra mile"
"Always available"
"Helpful reporting"
"Cost saving"

Oppenheimer Generations

"Rapid turnaround time"
"Personalised service" 
"Best travel company I have used in my 25 years experiance of executive travel"


"Good communicators"
"excellent service"


"High quality of service"
"Attention to detail"
"Impressive pricing"
"Impressive travel advice"
"Our No.1 travel agent"


“Always receive the best possible deals“
“Prompt professional service“
“Negotiated special discounted rates on our behalf“
“Special travel advice“